You Are What You Think! What Are You Thinking?

Easy steps to change your life – by altering the way you use your mind.

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your thinking.

Here is an introduction to creating a positive outlook, and a greatly improved quality of life. It will send your anxiety on its way, out of your life.

Anxiety is a neurological issue. Some psychologists believe that because this differs from depression which is predominantly mental, and that anxiety is harder to eliminate. That is because they have not been introduced to neuroplasticity and how it works.

In the Norman Doidge books, The Brain that Changes and The Brain that Heals, he gives thousands of examples of how seriously ill people, who were told they had limited time on this earth – Healed.

If you are like me – (being a social scientist and educator), pure science bores me a tad. I do, however, have enough education to decipher what is true – neuroplasticity exists. More importantly is it application in everyday life. Specifically for women whose lives are been negatively affected by anxiety and facing the fact that their anxiety is risking their careers.

One of the cornerstones of neuroplasticity is to look at what you feed into your neurological pathways – neurons.

The first analogy is that of a motor vehicle. If you give it bad quality petrol/gasoline and don’t have it serviced regularly – it will firstly perform badly and later break down totally.

Another analogy is that of the body – feed the body junk foods and chemical toxins – the effects are obesity and/or illness and disease.

Dis-ease is all that disease is. It is a feedback system telling the mind that all is not well and that things need to change.

If only people would realise this – healing is easy. Instead we miss that point and take the western medical model of diagnosis using symptoms and basing the prognoses on these. They then feed that negativity to the brain. What does the brain do – make it a reality.

Many clients have come to me over the years with cancer and said “I knew I would get cancer” !!! – the brain responded to their command – get cancer.

What many people don’t know is that the brain – being the command centre – does not know the difference between truth and non truth. So whatever you tell your brain (feed it) – its job is to obey and manifest that as the reality.

This truth is both scary and exciting. It is scary because it puts the onus squarely on you. You are not a victim. (You can be if you choose to.) YOU are the master of your destiny. YOU are the captain of your body and mind. The exciting thing is that you can change anything you want. It is possible. However it is up to you.

If you do not take control of your mind – then something or someone else will control you – fear, anxiety, old patterns of behaviour, a belief that all things are genetic and unchangeable, and perhaps even dis-ease.

Lets not get too detailed. Suffice it for now to say, what you feed in – predicts the outcome.


Based on the above – if you feed the brain negative thoughts, beliefs and actions – it will manifest negative results.

If you feed the brain positive thoughts, beliefs and actions – it will manifest positive results.

The brain is like a faithful and obedient servant. Sounds simplistic – it is. Changing to take control and make this happen is the harder part. However when done on the foundation of weeks 1-4 of the Peace of Mind Pathway – it is easy.

You have laid the way for your neurological pathway to be receptive and ready for the new ways of doing things. You have been servicing your car, so it can perform exactly as you would like it to perform. Now by creating awareness or Mindfulness about your thoughts and words, you choose your destiny.

That is the background to the principle of negativity vs positivity.
To make changes to the way your body and mind behave when the anxiety triggers come along. They will keep coming – they will not stop. What will change is your reaction to them, and now you will know how to put up a big STOP sign barrier, so they will no longer enter your brain and therefore not be able to create the anxiety it has in the past.


Buy a tiny handbag/purse size notebook.

Every day write one negative thought you are going to banish that day.

“I am dreading that meeting with senior management, they always make me feel as though I am not good enough for the position:

Change to

“I look forward to that meeting with senior management, I am well prepared, I am competent and know I make a positive difference to the organisation. They see this in the meeting.”

“My staff are unhelpful”

Change to

“My staff are helpful and enthusiastic and support me in my work”

“The management is resistant to change”

Change to

“The management embraces change and we move forward effortlessly.”

These are simplistic ideas of affirmations. They do show, based on the theory above, that they are instructions to the brain to perform in a particular way.

This is the new habit you will now embrace – giving the brain instructions to do whatever you want it to do. It will respond. Always.

Things may not change immediately, however recognise that these patterns have been around for a while and people around you have responded to these patterns for some time too. Repetition will produce miraculous results and I look forward to hearing about them.

For a while you need to visualise that you are a mind policeman. Watching for negative thoughts and prosecuting them. Release them and change them to positive thoughts.

This is a process and takes time so BE PATIENT.

Louise Hay is a wonderful teacher on the use of affirmations.

She has many books – You Can Heal Your Life has been around for ages and has changed many people lives.

She also has wonderful Youtube affirmations that I regularly play in the background and they have turned my life around time and time again when the world tips upside down.

Good luck, this is the turn around point in saying goodbye to anxiety.

If you want to start being more positive to relieve your anxiety – book a consultation.

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