About Myra

Myra has always been a pioneer and a change agent. Throughout her career she has been at the forefront of new developments in her field of people development and people centred management. She has qualifications in psychology, education, nutrition and counselling.

She spent many years in the senior corporate arena so knows how that works and feels. In this world her work helped individuals who were disempowered to find their voice and enabled them to have the confidence to grow into people and positions they wanted.

She branched out on her own over 20 years ago when she worked with innovative behavioural scientists and their work, like Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Emotional Intelligence was her next cab off the rank and she developed corporate programs encompassing these and facilitated these around the world. Again her goal was to ensure that individuals in corporations were a good fit and that their mental health was taken into account in doing demanding jobs.

Her realisation that organisations are made up of individual people and that if the individuals are not coping, everything that is done is valueless. It was at this stage she noticed how women in senior or demanding positions were struggling. She noticed an increase in anxiety, anxiety related sick leave and anxiety related illnesses or breakdowns. Her work moved towards intervention to regain surety and confidence to these women who were stumbling, many not able to expose how difficult it was for them. She gained a reputation and soon had clients pursuing her to help them regain their equilibrium.

Her focus moved to working with individuals who were struggling to achieve their highest potential, through various issues that were holding them back. She moved into the anti-suicide field and became passionate about the fact that INTERVENTION is essential for even mild anxiety to prevent situations from escalating. She was part of the movement that brought depression into the open. Over time and working with thousands of people she worked on intervention methods different from existing ones. After many more years of research she discovered that what she already believed but did not have the evidence to prove it. NEUROPLASTICITY. Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain that Changes” fast tracked her to put together a formal program to combat anxiety. Even if your anxiety has a genetic base, this program will work for you.

For many years her clients have implemented her program to achieve an anxiety free life and therefore peace of mind. One of her points of difference is that her clients seldom if ever suffer relapse.

She has recently made this program available to people around the world to enable them to get the relief from Anxiety that her existing and past clients have benefitted from.

The Peace of Mind pathway is the culmination of her life’s work.

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